Wujido Martial Arts For the Best Shape of Your Life... Call (214) 340-8880 Wujido Martial Arts For the Best Shape of Yourr Life Call... (214) 340-8880 ... Wujido Martial Arts For the Best Shape of Your Life... Call (214) 340-8880 ... Wujido Martial Arts For the Best Shape of Your Life... Call (214) 340-8880 ...

Making Room for your personal goals

Times change and society and it’s people going forward find that with all the challenges and distractions in life we often struggle to be at our best.

Martial Arts in modern society serves a multitude of purposes. When a person is aware of this, then that same person is able to take full advantage of what a true and comprehensive martial arts system has to offer.

Why do you want to train in martial arts?

Everyone who considers training in martial arts usually has a reason or maybe two, but generally there is the one BIG reason. What is your reason? We see in all the promotions things like self-confidence, self-discipline, focus, more energy, get in shape, self-defense. Well it can be said that for the best shape of your life, it is hard to compete with a solid and competent martial arts
program. But not all Martial Arts are made the same in this regard.

One person might say, “I think that Mixed Martial Arts is cool. I want to do that!” Well, yes; we suppose it can be considered “cool” it certainly is popular right now and all the “cool” people are doing it. But then another person may look at all that blood and concussions and broken bones and bruises and injuries requiring emergency medical treatment and consider that too high a price to pay just to get in good shape.

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What’s in a name?

Sometimes a name says it all.

The words we speak have meaning and the meaning of Wujido speaks volumes about what a person can achieve and experience when training in this most unique Style of Kung Fu.

Why so unique? Because although it is pure Chinese Style Shaolin Martial Arts it shares an incredible symmetry with other martial arts styles such as Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Wushu, and Mixed Martial Arts.

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Yang Family Taijiquan (Yang Tai Chi)

The most Famous and Popular Style of Tai Chi in the World Today

Benefits of Practicing Taijiquan

The benefits of Tai Chi practice are the same as in any other Kung Fu style. The difference is the practice is gentle, measured, meditative and safe for people of all ages.

The list of benefits generally attributed to the practice of Taijiquan is general health, rehabilitation, rejuvenation of vitality and energy, improved coordination, improvement in various conditions such as high blood pressure, neuropathy, muscular degeneration, numbness of the limbs, circulation, and also benefits such as improved memory, clarity, concentration, focus and so forth. These benefits have been tested and verified in various Chinese Institutes of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong Institutes but it has not been evaluated by the AMA or the FDA so from our standpoint in the West the results are anecdotal.

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Wujiquan is the flagship of the Wujido Martial Arts Group.

Reserved only for select students approved by Grandmaster Dr. J. E. Harkins PhD M.M.A. 9th Dan Black Belt.

Wujiquan is vastly different from almost all Kungfu Systems known in the West.

The training consists of many esoteric and advanced methods which seem to combine Yogic, Qigong, and Martial Arts methods of training that produce a completely unique set of power factors that seem to operate on a kind of quantum level. This is of course not entirely accurate but the vocabulary to describe this is limited and difficult.

Expression of speed and power is trained in a completely integrated level and entry into the program is strictly regulated and limited.

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